wooden toys – a multifaceted experience

by maria hantzara – pediatrician


i have always been carried away by wooden toys

the reason why is that when playing with them all the human senses are satisfied to the highest extent without feeling overwhelmed

which is extremely important, especially for little children

so how could all the senses be satisfied through solving a wooden puzzle?

vision is satisfied through the beautiful colours and shapes

the combinations of colours and shapes constitute an aesthetically pleasant image for children’s and adults’ vision

touch is activated by feeling those soft and warm pieces of wood in one’s palms

every single piece is scraped and smoothed to the tiniest bump by hand, providing this way no more or less, but the ideal smoothness to the grain

and of course, wood is warm! definitely, warmer than plastic! therefore, there is the perceptible warmth of the pieces

smell is stimulated by the delicate smell of wood which is not covered or altered thanks to the ecological non-toxic dyes

this way, little children who are still in the process of discovering their oral cavities, can play with those puzzle pieces in a completely hazard-free way

and what about hearing?

if someone recorded the sound produced during the process of solving a puzzle, they would hear a soft sound, perhaps a little annoying if they listened to it altogether

but when isolated and broken down to individual sounds, every single one has a relaxing volume and frequency

as far as mental exercise is concerned… mark my words when you try to solve a puzzle: concentration and a relaxed and clear mind are required

don’t forget that overcoming the obstacles one poses to themselves  as for example, rushing and avoiding difficult targets is of the essence


wooden toys for kids

author: maria hantzara – pediatrician